Our School

Palmcroft Elementary School is a kindergarten through fifth grade school with approximately 580 students. We are a wonderfully diverse community that continues to maintain a neighborhood school atmosphere. Our belief in community and families working together for the benefit of every student here has helped us become a “performing plus” school—a grade given by the Arizona Department of Education of which we are quite proud. We believe that our students will reach their greatest potential as we provide programs that address the whole child and all levels of child development.

Student Responsibilities

Palmcroft students accept personal responsibility for their choices and actions:

Quality of Work
Every student should complete his work using his best effort. We will not accept incomplete work or work that does not show the student’s best effort. Every student is responsible to make up work when he/she is absent.

School Rules
We expect each student to follow the school and classroom rules and make this a safe and productive place for everyone. Everyone must follow the rules to and from home and on the bus.

Care of School and Personal Property
It is a privilege and obligation to take care of property, buildings, furnishings, and books. We will assess fines for any damage.

Relations to Others
Every student should respect the rights and personal space of others. We want everyone to be safe and enjoy school. Please follow the school rules and respect your classmates and friends.

Personal Standards
Every student should demonstrate his/her very best effort and follow the Good Citizenship Rules:

  • Be respectful of other students and their rights.
  • Do not throw objects of any kind.
  • We do not allow students to use vulgar or profane language.
  • It is not acceptable for students to hurt or fight with others.
  • We will not tolerate a student’s endangering him/herself or others with improper play activities.
  • We will not allow students to say mean words or tease others.